What do we do?

Nick Thomas & Associates delivers up to the minute training and coaching solutions designed to address the challenges of the modern professional. We have particular expertise in the insurance sector with clients including major Insurers, independent Brokers, Broker networks, MGAs,  Mutuals and Recruitment companies.

We also provide ongoing training solutions to most of the UK’s fifty-six local Insurance Institutes. For a copy of our proposition document with full details of all sessions we currently offer Insurance Institutes, please click here.

We have evolved from our insurance roots and provide training and coaching across Financial Services and beyond.


‘Nick gets what the modern risk & insurance individual and business needs in a pandemic and post pandemic era. His variety and depth of technical, human and sales related courses is fantastic, and he articulates his messages in an assured method along with a forensic insight to the subject matter. Highly recommended.’

Education lead of local Insurance Institute and UK Schemes Development Manager at major Insurer

What makes us different?

We understand the industry  - insurance is a unique marketplace and clients appreciate Nick's market background and insight.

We build a deep understanding of client needs – Nick acts as Relationship Manager for all our clients. We collaborate closely with them to uncover and develop an understanding of their specific needs, which allows us to develop tailored solutions to be delivered by industry and subject matter experts.

We drive sustainable behavioural change - too much training fails to change habits, enhance skills, or create significant Return on Investment for the client. We focus on providing practical tools and guidance for easy on-the-job application, and a mix of delivery methods and content to embed learning.